Stan Williams, former owner of Salt Lake Egg Company
and a dear eggman friend of mine. Stan loved the egg
business and died in a plane crash in Utah in 1991.  His
company has gone now, but the memory of Stan
continues on for some of us who loved him. We did a lot
of miles together over the years and had a lot of
experiences together. Wherever you are, Stan, have a Jack Daniels and Diet
Coke for me!
As the song says, I'm not the walrus, I'm the eggman,Dean Hughson  Little did I realize when I was growing up or going to college that I would end up getting into an agricultural industry like the egg industry, but when I did, in the 70's, I found a career and a home. Like many specialty markets, the U.S. and other countries' egg producers are a small group of people who pretty much know each other.  I wrote an article in Esquire about my start.

When I entered their rank (in those days the leaders were the Schneiders, Cutlers, Henningsens, Ballases, Benacasas, the Sonstegaards, Boomsmas, Mel Kriegel, Sid Wechsler, the Papettis, Tom Rechsteiner, Mark Campbell, Hugh Weibe) in 1978, I was lucky to be trained by Dan Gardner and Dr. Milton G. Waldbaum, the people who developed and ran the Milton G. Waldbaum Company in Wakefield, Nebraska. From a small operation this company grew to be a major player in fresh egg production and egg products, and I was VP until 1989, when I sold my stock in the company to a public traded company, Michael Foods of Minneapolis. 

In 1987 I was honored by being voted Chairman of the United Egg Association Further Processors Division, the volunteer trade organization that works on behalf of those in the egg industry. I have also been active in the past in the International Egg Commission, a group of egg people from all over the world. In 1991 I became President of Monark Egg, an egg drying factory in Kansas City, Missouri, and in 1993 I left that to do some writing, some consulting, and to spend some time looking at the egg industry from outside.  

In 1996 I decided to re-enter the egg products industry. I guess my years of being on the streets of Hong KongTokyoNYCLondonLos AngelesMexicoAmsterdamDublin, and countless other cities selling egg products to major users such as mayonnaise companies, bakers, candy manufacturers, etc. sort of made me used to this fascinating and unique industry. The people in the industry are fairly few and all of them know each other, and many of us are friends and competitors at the same time. It is my pleasure to help others understand this somewhat strange egg market, the products manufactured by the egg products industry, such as egg whites, egg yolks, whole egg, liquid, frozen, and dried egg products as well as items that are extracted from them, such as lysozyme, biotin, and lecithin. I am formerly the Chief Operating Officer For Henningsen Foods, the oldest US egg products company which started in 1889. Now I am the COO of Kewpie Egg World Trading, owned by Kewpie Egg, the world's largest trader of eggs and egg products. I feel like I am participating in the egg history since Henningsen actually originated many of today's processing practices.

Another interest I have is in offshore medical education and I write and consult on that issue; while radically different from the egg business my involvement in international business gives me some advantages in looking at the issues of this international business.

Thus I decided to do a homepage that will help folks who may be studying these products or using them in their industries know more about the field I love. I stand ready to answer any questions that anyone asks and would appreciate any suggestions about links that people have. For you see, I am the eggman. 
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